We had to have this conversation!

I woke up from my afternoon nap, while hearing shouts of my elder sister.

She was scolding her 13 year old and 9 year old.
Why? For simple things like using phone, sitting on the bed without drawing the mat, etc.

While it is important for parents to understand that kids CRAVE for love, just like all of us.
They may damage their eyes from phone. They may develop bad manners through eating on the bed.
But you know what? They can be revived way easier than the mental health issues that crop up because of such treatments.

Here’s what I told my 13 year old niece, after she was slapped by her Mom:

  1. You are not at fault, your Mom is like this since before her marriage. (Which made her laugh.)
  2. When we don’t get the parents we want, we have to parent ourselves.
  3. Also, I assured to talk to her Mom (aka my sis). Time to tell my sis that I’m taking therapy. Maybe that would make her get a perspective.
  4. Told my niece to download a 10 minute meditation on her laptop, so she doesn’t have to have internet to do it, and if my sis does it again, she just start meditating.
  5. Play with her younger sisters, they are a real world 🙂