I wish more writers knew of this…

  1. You will be rewarded for your simplicity than your choice of “different words”.
  2. Less is more. 96.8% of the times. Figuring the remaining 3.2% is what makes you a great writer.
  3. The easiest writing takes the maximum efforts.
  4. You can grow as a writer or you can grow your ego. Can’t do both.
  5. You cannot win the game you don’t play. If you are in the business of writing blogs, no matter how well you write, until you write blogs for yourself and publish them, you will never be able to understand the nuances of the trade.
  6. Writing, as much as you love it, you have to sit and work on it. Even on days you don’t feel like.
  7. If you truly love it, it will come to you. If you’re doing it because of FOMO, it will be scared to come to you. You know, when you know! 🙂