Documenting a day of Failure

I wrote this on LinkedIn a couple of days back:

Everyone on LinkedIn is posting their successes.

Here’s me posting my failures of today:
1. Cried for two hours without a reason.
2. Felt like running home to my Mom, but then she would be worried.
3. Felt bad for postponing the morning workout to the evening. Got it done finally.
4. A Myntra guy sent me a text message cursing me because I did not receive the packet because I was in washroom.
5. I sometimes think the people I work with think I am an idiot.

But, there are a thousand things that happened wonderfully as well:
1. Went for two tiny walks outdoors.
2. Ate less food.
3. Read multiple pages of a book.
4. The girl in the flat below me received the Myntra packet on my behalf.
5. Set the curd before it got over.
6. Did NOT get offended on others’ successes.
7. Maa Papa taught me over the call that it is the existence of the huge elephant that irks almost everyone. However, the elephant being the most powerful, keeps walking its way instead of getting distracted or reacting.

That’s it folks, for today.
Hope it gives you hope in a sadly manufactured world we live in.

All of this was true when I posted it.

However, the rest part of the day was cool. Next day, I was okay. The day after, even better. Today, unaffected by what affected me badly a week back.

Why am I telling this to you?

Because we look at whatever we post on social media and think of it as a movie, while it is just a picture. The real movie is having a lot more motions and stills that the social media fails to capture. Fortunately 🙂