The thing about mental health issues

We think something is wrong with us that’s why we are going through mental health issues.
Which is true.

However, we fail to acknowledge that sometimes that “something” are our thoughts.

A lot of thoughts.
Too little self-assurance.
Too much comparison to others.

Stacked on top of each other, they create this thing called mental health issues.

Here’s what helps me:

  1. Being in guard of my thoughts
  2. Affirmation and taking all blessings from God first 10 minutes of waking up and 10 minutes before sleeping. On the bed itself.
  3. Reading/listening/watching good stuff – AT LEAST 60 minutes a day. No, Instagram reels and Twitter don’t count. Especially after and before morning and night affirmations – works like magic.

It works. Once you NEVER skip the work.