If you need help with work…

This morning I made a colleague let go from the team.

Also, this afternoon, I had a chat with his boyfriend who happens to be another colleague.

After that, I had a chat with another colleague who was let go from her work.

In all of that, I introspected a lot about work, how much it makes us suffer (yes it does to me as well), and how life is way bigger than this.

Something for you to think of, if money is something that is bothering you:

  1. Keep working good. Keep getting better. You have NO idea how much this would help you.
  2. Be grateful for what you have. That seems small. But is huge.
  3. Voice your concerns. Talk about your problems to your manager. You may think they may not have time or you are not important. But if you were not important you would not be hired. Please talk to them. You (and them) will be happy that you did.
  4. Think. Think of ways you could make more money.
  5. But beyond that, think of investing in yourself – by meditating, working out, reading. All these insignificant things are what make the biggest changes in life.

You are important. You need to know that, before anyone else 🙂