How did you feel?

No one is going to ask you that.

So you should do that to yourself.

Here is how I felt:

  • Walked over
  • Bought in lieu of time
  • Being treated nicely because I was working on a major project
  • Not sure if all of that is true or merely something I am not happy with
  • If I am not happy with it, why am I not changing it?
  • Why do I get drifted away when anyone is nice to me?
  • PS: Nishtha, it is not called being drifted away. It is being real towards love.
  • I felt literally weird for being paid money for some work and that’s it. Sometimes it feels like prostitution, albeit not of the body. And that’s scary. And scarry. Dealing with it in my own ways. Starting with changing my perception of it. But I also wonder, if there is any other way that part of work could become anything beyond paying and giving? Isn’t all work some sort of pay and get lost? I don’t know. But to introspect and to go deep into how to feel better is what I am going to think deeper into.