What is a non-negotiable?

In every relationship, some things are negotiables and some are not.

Not showing up once isn’t an issue. Not showing up multiple times definitely is.

However, what happens when we finally come across the non-negotiable?
What if we are betrayed?
What if we come across a huge value clash?
What if we know everything is shaken?

On the face of it, it looks easy to break a relationship. I am talking about professional ones as well.

However, what if everything else is going just right?
What if you can have a difficult conversation and confrontation that they will make it better?
What if you sense the intent that they really care?

It is never a ready-to-make response. You have to think a lot. However, to think that from a place of power, you must always make the wisest decision that you could.

Deciding in ego would lead you to perhaps a lifelong regret. Deciding without self-respect would literally make you swim in regret daily.

To exercise wisdom, is sometimes the biggest wisdom.