The two faces

A friend had recently told me that they tell a lot of harmless lies.

For someone like me who takes people’s words as “word” and who herself is a propagator of living an honest life, this was a revelation. Albeit not so happy one.

Nonetheless, I told myself into not giving a damn, as I still wanted to trust that friend. And I did not trust them anyway, with vulnerability.

A couple of days later, I saw them talk to people on honesty. Two different times. In just a gap of less than 10 days. Like for real!

It left me confused. What part of them should I trust? Possible that both are true. Possible that they value honesty but they have to lie a lot. Possible that they do not lie in unimportant matters.

Here is what I reflected on later:

  1. Every single one of us has a navigation towards the right values. Even if all our life we have been living against that value, we are always always driven towards the right.
  2. Lie, unfortunately, has different definitions for everyone. What may be illegal for someone may be necessary for someone else. Respectfully, I would suggest that this is not true. We all do not have different definitions of lies. We simply have different levels of inner powers to face that lie straight in the face, and do that right thing, anyway.
  3. This one comes from my first year room-mate in college. It was my first time away from home, and I used to get affected a lot by all the ups and downs of life, and people. My room-mate, a final year student, jolly, and way more experienced than me, taught me a life mantra: :“Do you have to get married to them? Then why worry?” No! I do not have to get married to that friend. Then why worry? This has been my life mantra since 2009 – when I first went to college, and has so beautifully saved me from the torment of problems.

Above all, I am often reminded of something my father once told me:

Just because you are a saint, you think everyone else would be a saint.

The world is filled with people of all kinds. But your world, is going to be the one you are going to be. Go fill it up with the becoming the kind of person you want the world to embody.
And your one face will teach the world how not to have two faces.