WhatsApp coding

With WhatsApp introducing “reactions” to someone else’s message, we now have a beautiful foray into ending a chat where we don’t have anything more to contribute.

But here is more interesting about that feature:

  • When someone “reacts” to your message, you do not have to go open that chat to see if they have reacted or not. You can see it from the outside as well. WhatsApp understood the human need for validation, and thus, came up with this really “check-that-they-have-reacted-from-outside-itself” instead of checking it over and over again.
  • This enhances in User-experience in group chats. In group chats, only if someone has reacted to the message I sent, will be shown on the outside of the chat. If A and B have reacted to each other’s messages and I had no part to play in them, I won’t be shown those reactions. Isn’t that so beautiful to think about me? Oh yes, A and B would certainly be able to see that outside of the group chats for themselves. Their dose of validation still continues.

I am usually not a big fan of technology, however, this was deep thoughtfulness into human psychology deployed by the coders of WhatsApp, and they deserve an ovation for that!