Why everyone must blog

I was listening to a Seth Godin podcast one evening, while walking in a park in my hometown in Kota.

In response to a question (that I don’t remember), he answered that everyone must blog daily, even if anonymously.

I took that to heart.
And took on the mammoth task of blogging daily.
Till date, this is the place that gets the minimum views, of anything that I post online. However, this is the place that has always been my anchor, over the years, to continue with my writing practice.

It has lead me to ghostwriting books, changing my career to full-time writing, making more than my peers (no it doesn’t matter), has fulfilled my dreams that I didn’t even see – just because I stayed true to it, without having to report to anyone.

Good advice changes your life.
The best part about good advice?
It is everywhere.
You just need to act.