Why everyone must write

Writing is an important art.

Not only for writers. For everyone.

Because there is NO ONE of us who doesn’t write.

Text messages.
Senti Insta stories.

It’s a tragedy we do not take a moment to work on an art we use DAILY, irrespective of what our profession is.

When to use a short sentence.
To induce impact.
Like I just did.

When to have a longer sentence to take the reader on a journey because writing is communication.
Like I just did.

And human beings suffer from loneliness in the absence of communication.
And in the absence of an improper one as well.

Take the time to write.
And to learn to write.
Just like you took the time to learn to drive.
It didn’t make your profession as a “driver” but it was to learn how to drive. Because you do that daily.
And here we are, writing daily still not learning to write.

No wonder why our communication skills (and relationships) suck.

Write baby, write.

It will only help you.
And even heal you in the process.