5 stages of grief

Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ popular theory of grief entails 5 stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
For most people, some stages happen in overlap.

However, what if we made acceptance a part of our lives?

Here’s how: The spiritual class I go to daily, teach us how to never get angry. You know what happens because of that? My process of grief is: denial, bargain, depression and acceptance.
Quite literally!

You see how that worked?
Because something was not allowed for you, you thrived in the absence of it.

Thus, if the entire role of the process of grief is to go to acceptance, why not make acceptance a part of your lifestyle?

Do not wait for grief. Have acceptance in the smallest things like maid going on a leave when you wanted them to come.
Do not wait for heartbreak. Have acceptance in the smallest rejections from people.
Do not wait for a bad remark from your boss. Have acceptance in the mistakes you made.

Acceptance holds you accountable to yourself. And to the fact that a lot of things in this world drama could not be controlled. Which is an emotion and a thought in our control. Only if we accept it 🙂