Life cycle in full

  1. Feel good
  2. Feel bad
  3. Ignore feeling bad
  4. Feel worse
  5. Rinse and repeat
  6. Feel even worse
  7. Feel tiny bit of good
  8. Forget your bad
  9. But then that bad comes back
  10. And you feel bad again
  11. The loop of feeling bad never goes away
  12. Until one day you realise, it will not go away unless you change things
  13. So you finally take action one day
  14. And start taking control in your life
  15. Does not mean the bad vanishes suddenly
  16. But day by day, moment by moment, part by part, it starts losing its control over you
  17. And that is when you realise how powerful you are
  18. Feeling good isn’t a phase
  19. Feeling good is your right
  20. Even in the bad. And that is the good thing about bad.