Entrepreneurship or jobs?

The Shark Tank season is back!

This morning I came across a wonderful video posted by Aman Gupta, on how Stage went on to become a 300Cr company after going through some really tough times.

To be honest, the video was emotionally touching.

And a story of how resilience and persistence combined together create miracles beyond comprehension!

However, when we watch shows like Shark Tank, it sadly makes us believe that we do great things only when we go out and pick entrepreneurship and makes most normal people like us pursuing jobs believe we aren’t doing much.

The reality is far from this.

People in jobs:

1. Are constantly putting themselves out there for something that might not eventually belong to them, the day they move on

2. Show up and treat someone else’s work like their own

3. Take up additional assignments that may/may not work out, sometimes at the cost of abandoning their own dreams.

I am not saying entrepreneurship is bad.
Nor am I saying jobs are bad.

Both are epic.
Both come with their pros and cons.

However, none is better than the other.

There are ambitious people working at their jobs better than their own business. Just because they care.
There are not-so-ambitious people becoming entrepreneurs, and still doing great at it.

There are multiple facets of life that none of us know about.

Looking at someone else is easier.
Looking at your own wins is powerful.