No job

A friend of mine was asked by her boss to move on.

She is an epic writer, and wonderful at what she does now (which is a broader role), and was doing considerably good work.

However, her boss told her that because the new work she does now isn’t her mojo, she might struggle going forward.

And him being the right mentor to her, was the right suggestion.

So this friend decides to move on.

She has ghostwritten two bestselling books. Written her own two books. Managed profiles of millions of followers. Broken some invisible glass ceilings.

And then, she is faced with mediocrity.
From well-meaning friends.
Sending her gigs of 30K pm.
Putting her with clients that they were quitting.
Sending “writing competitions” that were for beginners.

And it got her thinking, why they were sending her such mediocre opportunities.

Which is when she realised – they didn’t know better.

They were sending opportunities that they knew they would pick.
And it’s okay.

She did not listen to any of them.
Was not rude to them either.
She simply kept doing her own thing.
And landed with clients that paid her 3X the current job, doing work she LOVED.

It is only up to us to realise our own worth.
We don’t need to shout it out to people.
They just don’t know better.
Perhaps we would have done the same if we were in their place.
Love them, cause they care.
Thank yourself, cause they don’t know your savings.
And most importantly, thank yourself, for going to places that value you for who you are.

This is my message to my friend 🙂