Ride the inertia

When you are done with your writing and have a grave feeling to write more, write more.

When you have run your distance for the day and want to run more, run more.

When you are sitting in meditation and the hooter has gone for you to discontinue but you want to be with yourself even more, be there.

Most good things in life have to be done.
And they must be. Despite all the feelings of procrastination you have.
It is how it should be.

However, on the few days that the inertia strikes that you want to continue at that, grab the opportunity and continue at that.

It is rare, it occurs when you are at most peace, and it makes you feel joyful that any amusement park or Netflix won’t get close to.

Don’t break the momentum in the strongest moments.
When there is no resistance to resilience, remain there.