Know your Boss :)

There was tension amongst the Apple Design team post Steve Jobs’ demise. 

Not only emotional tension that Jony Ive dealt with.

Rather also the question of what should be Apple’s next big launch.

It was late 2012.
St. Regis Hotel San Francisco.
The design engineers prepared to present. 

Led by Jony Ive. 
Who was on a cleanse diet after the stress and grief of Steve’s death, and was having only green juice in this long presentation.

With only one problem.

The presentation was supposed to last for 6+ hours.
Followed by questions from all executives.

“If the meeting was a dog-and-pony show for Ive, as they assumed,” wrote Tripp Mickle in After Steve: How Apple became a Trillion Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul, “the last thing they wanted was for his cleanse to leave him hungry and irritable.”

It turns out, we need food not only for survival, rather also for making better decisions.

When we don’t feed our body, it naturally goes into survival mode. 

So, a tiny fragment of irritation or “things not being perfect” in the outside world is good to kick us off into drawing walls around us, most common form being anger and irritability. 

Here is how it applies to your life:

  1. Schedule a 1:1 with your boss after her meal timings (most of us know when our boss eats). 
  2. If you want to have an important conversation with your parents, speak to them after they have had their meals.
  3. And for you, to be able to make right decisions for yourself, make sure you never ever make them on an empty stomach. 

Because as a popular joke on the internet goes: 90% of the arguments happen when one of the parties has not eaten well 🙂