She moved on…

She moved on. And never looked back.

She was scared. And chose to make her sacred.

She was shattered. But took her out of shambles.

She took a lot of care. Now she started taking her own care.

She wondered if she was missed. Then she was glad she missed herself.

She wanted to continue those jokes. But everyone moves on. And it should be.

She was not quite satisfied when they did reach out. So she was glad she didn’t.

She was not sure to reach out with a “how have you been”?. So she reached within.

She wanted to retain those friendships. Later to realise, they weren’t there in the first place.

She sometimes wondered if her absence made people miss her. And then she knew the truth: Her absence from the task at hand made her miss her.

So she chose to be present. Every single moment. And she moved on. And never looked back.