What we say VS what we mean

In corporate life, most people do not get the chance to express themselves.

So, here is yours truly trying to decode what we say vs what we actually mean.

  1. What we say: Yes, it works.
    What we mean: I hate you. Thoda aur effort karo!
  2. What we say: Aligned
    What we mean: Bhai tujhe samajh aaya jo tune bola?
  3. What we say: Sure
    What we mean: What-EVER
  4. What we say: Lmk if you have any questions
    What we mean: Why can’t you be smart enough to understand this basic English?
  5. What we say: Thanks!
    What we mean: Get lost!!
  6. What we say: Thanks for the help
    What we mean: Damn, I have to work on it more, now.
  7. What people say: Here is a small change
    What they actually mean: You all screwed up. Now, here is how I will screw you.

Yesterday, I read a post from Tim Denning where he said everyone must start a business once in their lifetimes to see if it is truly for them. I think everyone must pay heed to Tim.

Because you know what, we accept these corporate lies because we have stopped being true to ourselves. May that not happen to you.