If not now, then when?

If not now, when will you give yourself the things that you so dearly enjoy…

“Look Mom. I bought a new laptop.”
I told my Mom almost two months later, in May, about the new MacBook Air I bought in March, almost two months later. 

As I was moving around with the Mac in my hand, she exclaimed, “Wow, it is of Apple.”

“You know what Apple laptop is?” I was an idiot to ask her. Why do I think she doesn’t know of tech when she knows EVERYTHING I tell her.

“Of course, my daughter made me use an iPhone for years :)”
“O yes…”
“How much did it cost?”, she asked.

I hesitated. Gasped a breath.

She continued: “Don’t worry. It’s okay if it is expensive. You bought it from your hard earned money. You bought it for doing your work. And even if you bought it just to chill around, it’s okay. If not now, when will you give yourself the things you so dearly enjoy?”

Wow.  That was so cute. And so understanding. 
I finally told her the right price. Not a makeshift price by reducing its value by 60-70%, rather, the exact price that I bought it for. 

But, with a slight low volume.
“That’s perfectly okay,” she said on hearing the price “it is for you to enjoy. Don’t feel guilty at all.”

Most of us have been raised to believe that we don’t deserve what we have. So much so, that it is our good things that make us feel bad. 

If you have ever felt that way, this is a small reminder my friend:

You do deserve all the good things in life, while you never lose touch with the best part of you: You.

PS: The above applies to your own money, not to your parents’ money 🙂