Attention to details

I am subscribed to Justin Welsh’s newsletter from two email IDs.

Have also purchased one of his courses from one of those email IDs.

At the end of his newsletter, Justin mentions how he can help us (aka the reader), and it mentions:

  • 1 course and 1 sponsorship in my ID which is used to sign up for his course
  • 2 courses + 1 sponsorship in my ID which is not signed up to any of his courses

If you look at it, that is such a great customer service: Not selling something to a customer that they are already a customer of.

He could have easily put an auto-footer at the end of his newsletter, but this segregation, is a customer delight.

It turns out, there are multiple ways to delight your customer, if you just go deep into your own business. Minding your business isn’t that bad, tbh 🙂