Come back and get that discount!

Audible sometimes sends me emails with the subject line:

Come back to Audible and get 50% OFF for 2 months

It is their marketing strategy to retain us as customers.
I don’t know if it works for them or not.

However, it certainly does not work for human beings.

Here’s why:

Come back to me: Come back to my life
Get 50% off: For whatever that caused problems between us will be 50% off
For 2 months: Then we are back to square one.

The problem with signed of Audible users is not money. Audible is inexpensive. It is building the habit of listening to audiobooks. Unless we fix the root cause, people may still be on Audible for a few months and the cycle will continue, however, it is not doing what Audible is supposed to do: Make people listen audio books. Money is there. Core value is not there. Bottom line: no one is fulfilled.

Same is the problem with relationships we try to regain once they are over.
It may seem like a logical thing to do, and we may also try to alter our behaviour on the edges. But, it is always lying on the edges. Come one wave of an old pattern and everything shatters. This does not mean broken relationships should not get together. They may, if they fix the thing that caused the root issue.

Fix the root cause. And then you will have an abundance. Of whatever you desire.