My Mom. And she is (not) uneducated

My Mom is 64.
She was 32 when I (her 4th and last offspring) was born.

I am 32 right now.
Single. By choice.

My Mom had 4 kids by the time she was my age.
She was exactly 18 years 9 months old when she had her fist daughter.
Did not get a chance to go to college.
Was only able to complete her schooling.

Yet, she is one of the wisest and broad minded people I have ever seen and known.

She has always supported by unusual life choices.
Agreed to me changing careers.
Agreed to me staying single.
Agreeing to me living on my own, away from my parents, in a different city.
Not giving a damn to relatives when they asked about my marital status.

All of this from her own point of conviction. Not out of obligation because “she must” support me.

On the other hand, time and again I run into super-educated women who reward me with questions like:

“You come from a small town. It’s surprising how your parents have supported your decision to stay single.” – from someone who has travelled 20+ countries, worked with international brands, and was born and brought up in one of the top cities of the country.

“No matter what. I think you should consider marriage.” – from an established doctor.

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me.

The only response it stirs in me is pity for them, on how they have considered old ways as the only norm for girls to survive in this country, whereas their exposure gives them such huge perspective.

And here is my Mom, who could not go to college, not only respects my decisions, rather also understands them by listening to my points of view.

Educated is the person who listens and understands. Everyone else, merely has a degree.