Breakups don’t hurt. It’s a fact.

Yes, you read that right.

What hurts is we were not given a closure.
What hurts is we were disowned by someone who owned us completely.
What hurts is there being dissonance between our expectation and reality.

So does this mean we should hang around like zombies when we do go through breakups?

Of course not.

Feel the pain.

But also, dissect the very thing that pained you. And you will find that you can heal yourself, be stronger, and love yourself like never before.

I have found that the most fulfilled people – the ones who are filled with emotional fulfilment (something that comes from having strong family roots) do not have heartbreaks or are in a better way to deal with them.

I understand a lot of us (myself included) did not get a safe compassionate upbringing.

But we can start where we are.
Practise self-compassion.
Be there for ourselves.

Read good content. Watch good content. (We went into depression because someone’s content (aka words) ripped us apart. You now have the chance to not only stitch yourself back again, but also build a total new.

Build yourself up in a way that a break up does not have any power over you. And trust me, it is possible. Comes from experience.