Plans don’t fail (Does it seem similar to Shakira Shakira hips don’t lie?)

I was going through my screenshots the other day, and came across the screenshot of the movie Parasite.

It read:

Do you know what kind of plan never fails? No plan at all. With no plan, nothing can go wrong.

It is such a powerful statement into the tyranny of so many of us leaning into procrastination – because all our plans have not worked out the way we wanted them to.

However, if we (and we must) look at the plans that have worked out, it was only because we planned them out, made changes when things grew apart, re-planned, and took action on them.

Plan out everything.
To the T.
Tiniest details.
And back-up plans if things do not work out as per plan.

And when things do not go as planned and so doesn’t the back up plan, know that you have all the tools and resilience to cope with it and make another dent in the universe (and your plan).

You got it. You always have.