The truth about letting go – life lessons I am learning off-late

No one likes letting go

  1. If what people say and what people do are different things, always believe what people do. Always. Because they often “say” certain things to look a certain way, whereas their true self gets revealed time and again in what they do (without them realising it).
  2. This one took me a long time to realise – but people do drift apart eventually, if they do not sit together to talk on common things that are important to both of them. Could be friendships, colleagues or even family. Only when we sit and give dedicated time to each other consistently, is when we grow. In all cases, drifting apart is destined unless a miracle saves it.
  3. A lot of us have not been loved very well in childhood. So we accept all the breadcrumbs that others throw at us. The truth is, you deserve better. Way better. Only when you start telling yourself: “I deserve better” and stop adjusting for everything little and tiny that comes your way.

If you have chosen the path of self-love, it is a lonely road.

Even if no one is coming for you, you must be there for yourself. And that, my friend, will take all loneliness away.