My client texted me on a Sunday: “Can we get on a call tomorrow?”

Few days back, I got a text from a client on Sunday, stating: “Can we get on a call please?”

If it would have been the old me in a job trying to get my rating better, I would have gotten very anxious, scared, and sure that I will be sacked.

This time, I did not respond to her text (because Sundays we don’t work, baby!)

What I rather did was to text her back easily, calmly on Monday: “Sure. May I know the agenda as well?”

Here’s the thing:
– I knew it was not to lay me off.
– I also knew that if I had to get out of our arrangement, I would be fine, and find someone else.
– I knew that if I made the habit of texting back on Sundays (like I did in my previous job), it would become a sine qua non. The last thing I wanted it to.

So the next time you get a text of “Can we get on a call tomorrow?”, know that you are worth it, and only good things happen to you.