If there is one thing, just one thing that I have learnt…

Out of multiple things that I have learnt from this tiny journey of 3 months and 7 days of solopreneurship, the number one is this:

There are days happening in weeks, and there are years happening in days.
Keep walking.

If you are tired, rest.
But do not quit.

If what you started with doesn’t work out, change course.

If you are demotivated, inspire yourself.

If that favourite deal did not work out, move on.

But no matter what, keep backing yourself up when no one else does. Because one thing (and there will be multiple such things) will come, give you everything and make all the past failures redundant.

It won’t come to you on a single day, but whenever it does, you will be proud of yourself.

Keep going.

(PS: It applies only when you know what you are doing is right, and not living in a delusionland.)