Those rare DMs and emails

Where people are simply not taking responsibility and throwing it on the other person, I want to take a screenshot of their email/DM and post it on social media (after blurring their name) and tell why you must take responsibility.

But, I don’t.

However, I sometimes feel that there is so much going on inside these people (and the more deeper I dig, the more I feel the truth of that statement) that being not responsible for what you do and say is a byproduct of a mental choas that gets unrecognised.

Nevertheless, if there is ONE thing I want you to walk away with from this blog, is to keep working on yourself. Keep learning new things. Reading new books. Hanging around with different people. Watching thought-provoking videos.

And quicker than you think, you are not only a better person, but all these gifts are also your quiet and much-needed therapists.

Additional resources:

Some good ways I keep myself going (other than daily reading and walking which are staple):

  • Watch Nikhil Kamath’s podcast (WOW)
  • Watch interviews of Anushka Sharma (she is such a pure energy)
  • Watch Navya Nanda interviews, especially the ones with her Mom and grandmom. These three women, especially the older two are such powerhouses. You derive so much self-worth from their strength
  • Listen to Atif Aslam (rarely)
  • Go to YouTube and find something in my liked videos (never gotten to this point btw, there is always some pending suggestion to consume)