If you question your work and have childhood trauma, this is for you

No matter what you do or where you come from, you have NO idea how much your work matters.

I know someone who has built multiple businesses.
Comes from a very rich background.
All of us have heard their father’s name.

However, they are building multiple businesses, because why not.

Their confidence is contagious.
Their self-worth is awe-inspiring.
And the way they travel despite all of this, is goals!

Clearly making a dent in the universe.
Including mine 🙂

I am also inspired a lot by the chorus group in Coke Studio.
And the support staff who clean our pristine offices in corporate parks.
And our maids at home, in whose absence we perhaps might not be able to function.

Without them, our lives would stop to function.

Yet, every single day, most of us (myself included) want to do more, do better, get richer, and so on.

These are two strange end spectrums of the extreme kinds of work.

Between these two, lie different other kinds of work:
– Broken family but trying to work yourself out
– Very ambitious but no one to fall back to
– Having everything but crippling self doubt
– Conquering the world and dealing with childhood issues
– Everything you and I do.

But in all these kinds of work, one thing never goes out of style:

Your work matters.
That clean desk matters.
Those chorus singers matter.
The email you sent to make the project a bit better matters.

Too often, in the middle of our mental health issues and people playing politics, we tend to forget the importance of our work.

But whenever I do so, I try to eliminate the ego my mind is clogged with, and see how much difference the work of others makes.

It makes me appreciate mine.

And acts as a fuel to go back and do better.