How I have gotten okay with sales

Earlier this year, I received an offer to work with CEO of a huge company.

They themselves reached out to me, stating they had been following my work for over 3 years, but they didn’t have the budget back then.

It was a positive validation.

However, after taking my usual 3-4 days to think, I politely declined to work with them.

It turns out, the company they are building, even though has multitudes of customers, I wouldn’t want to use their product. Nothing wrong, just a matter of preference.

Thus, I felt it was not nice to be involved in growing something I wouldn’t want to use. It is a place of karma I always want to operate by.

This morning, I was also reflecting on how I have gotten better at sales, and pitching myself.

Turns out, I simply believe in what I sell AND how it can make the recipient’s life better.

It makes me less of an imposter and more of someone who genuinely operates out of the intent of helping someone.

I think the former intent of saying no to what I don’t believe in, has helped 2X my belief in promoting what I do.

It is the law of life. And nature.

You do the right thing, and you get the strength to do better things, that you couldn’t do before.
At the end of the day, you are watching. Probably nothing else matters.