Things I learn from my clients every single day

  1. One of them is a SUPER rich and super famous woman, who has started a new startup because the previous business was doing very well now, and she needed to challenge herself. While that in itself is wonderful, when I see her pics with her family and the body language of her kids, it makes me so so proud that parents and kids could be there for each other. That “family” could be a value. That kids could just “be” with their parents – wow!!!
  2. Another one is a startup founder and a parent to a 12 year old daughter – is trying out miraculously new things in life totally out of her work domain, one of which she is seeking my help for.
  3. Someone is a college student who is looking for my help to write her book (because it would serve as a great thing on the resume). Wow! I wish I was that smart as a college kid. Of course, she is paying me for that.
  4. Another one is a superbusy CXO who has had wonderful experiences as a woman and we are working together to write her book. And man, I have never read such experiences before 🙂

While I am working on other projects as well, today we keep it restricted to women I am blessed to be working with. And learning from 🙂

What would life be if I were just writing but not working with such epic people 🙂