The path is narrow

“It’s going to be difficult, and you’re going to feel lost sometimes. It’s okay.”

– say a lot of people.

While their hustle is totally respected, here’s a question for you to consider:

1. If you’re feeling lost, check whom are you comparing yourself to.

2. We all know the path is narrow. Do you know the reason why?

It’s because, you were supposed to travel alone on that narrow path, without any possibility of being lost.

3. If we are talking about the narrow path, people who are on their respective narrow paths, will never have the time to criticise you.

If you’re being criticised by someone, understand that they haven’t found their path as yet. Give them compassion, they need it.

So, here’s a homework for all of us today: to remember to focus on our own paths, and feeling of being lost won’t arise. It never does.