The Awesomeness Blog

Hello and welcome to the Awesomeness Blog. Here you will see all the wonderful reasons to acknowledge your awesomeness and all the reasons that awesomeness is a part of ourselves, just waiting to be utilized once we become aware of it.

My sole purpose via this blog is to reach out to maximum people, and to help them discover their inner awesomeness. So without making further promises, let us get into action mode.

What is your definition of awesomeness?

Think about it. Most of the people on the planet have regarded it as a distant trait possessed by some alien from Mars that only a gifted few can afford and which is not accessible by all of us. The truth, in fact, is that we all are born with this exquisite awesomeness that we all can see the light of the day with grace and splendor. You have all the reasons to stop living the way you currently are, and become someone new. Every week or month. Probably every day. Who is stopping you? Then why are so many people living a life of disregard and monotony? Because they are so stressed out with the outer world that they have no time to look within and harness the power within them.

So my definition of awesomeness is: Becoming aware of your inherent power and using it to change the world for the better.

Example is the patient mother who skillfully makes her kids eat healthy meals so that they do not get attracted towards junk food. It is the entrepreneur who grows a strong business working on late evenings, early mornings and weekends and then quits her job with ease and happiness of accomplishment. Awesome is the witty neighbor on the block who makes sure that people get to know each other and form strong bonds of their cultures by organizing bimonthly social functions. Awesome is the kid who serves his parents chilled water when they come back home in the evening.

You do not have to be Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift or Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Junior to make your impact. If your goal is to be a celebrity in any endeavor and change the world, by all means, please do it. However, if you think that only celebrities are meant to change the world, this notion is utterly false. The truth of the matter is: what you believe to be truth or false is actually truth of false. Think over it.

As we unleash and unlock our awesomeness in the blogs to come, let’s start with the following truths about awesomeness, the first day when you and I begin to create a massive movement of our inner greatness, our awesomeness:

  1. Life is granting opportunities at every moment. Have clarity of what you want and then grab only the ones which are really meant for you. You are amazing enough to say no to things that are not meant for you.
  2. What you give to others is what you give yourself first. Give love, it is radiated through you. Give kindness, it first passes through you. Give complain, and you find your head getting heavier before downloading it. Awareness is a ubiquitous gift. Exercise it.
  3. Athletic body and feel good factor are not impossible. It is a choice. Sugar rich mocha or pulp rich fruit. Pasta or cereal. You choose your body.
  4. Do not judge people by what they do or say if that is negative. We almost do not know what they are going through. Have the wisdom of letting go and extracting the best in others even when you least feel like it.
  5. Coconut water gets you higher than alcohol and is super cheap and wondrously healthy. Be an addict to it.
  6. Mind is a fabulous servant. Arrange the communion of the king (i.e. you) and your mind in order to have a mind blasting territory (your inner and outer circumstances)
  7. Reaching a stage when negativity becomes impossible is actually possible. Start small. Start with one weekend. It does not mean you will not have any negative thought. It simply means that you will substitute the negative thought immediately as it arrives and soon it will stop knocking your door on not being cherished.
  8. Whenever you feel like you are drowning in a valley of despondency, check your habits. There is nothing that you encounter as a challenge and that does not have a solution. Awareness needs to be shifted to the level of solution.
  9. Those who themselves do not know what to do are the ones offering advices that ever matter. Do not pay heed to them. Always have your intentions correct and march boldly. Even when no one says you are right. Your life is talking to you. Open your ears wide and act from that centered space. It knows more than we can ever perceive.
  10. Acting like a victim does not serve anyone. Even your enemies will be nurtured when you act wisely as they will learn from you. Never ever don the mask of powerlessness. World exists because you exist. There is nothing more graceful than being yourself when the world expects you to lead the herd.
  11. Finally, life is too short. We hear it in the morning and by the noon we have adapted to the status quo. You have to have the dignity to think new thoughts and act in new manners. World will finally rise for your applause, irrespective of how they are reacting now. Inspiration, if not daily and dutifully, leads to living demise. That is true awesomeness and source of happiness.

Hope this post made you raise your spirits and bring out the hidden powers within you. Go act insanely like a crazy. You are powerful. Now go just start. I dare you!