The Reality of Reality

Hello and welcome back to The Awesomeness Blog a.k.a TAB. Today we are going to talk about what is reality in all perspectives of life and how being real is the only way that can change your life for the better. As we are here on the Awesomeness Blog, we always seek out ways to be more awesome with our inner lives and outside as we occur in the world. People too often believe that in order to be more awesome, they have to go out and do something great. Though that is true, it is simply half part of the truth. The other half part of the truth is: in order to be awesome on the outside, you need to be real with yourself. “Be yourself, everyone else is taken,” said the wise Oscar Wilde.

You all remember the times when you were at our productive best. Time just flew and there was nothing that could take you away from the body of craft that you were creating. You were in a state of flow. Work seemed almost effortless and poured out through you artistically and effortlessly.

Then there were some states wherein you didn’t know what was going around despite your repeated efforts and steps to make everything better. Every passing hour simply brought with itself more agony and you just wished this could end soon.

What was the difference between these two states? Was it that you lost all your senses in the second case and became totally Heaven-driven in the first case?

The answer is no. The reality is you were free and easy in the first case and had clarity of objectives at the back of your mind. Pouring love into the body of work that you were creating was the only motive that was propelling at the back of your head.

The other case was fundamentally different. You were doing the work because somehow you pushed yourself into doing it. The work that was being produced was not real, and seemed a never-ending struggle.

Most of the people residing under the 95% area of the bell curve of average are composed of these two paradoxical sides of the way they leverage their creativity into the public space. The object of this blog post is to make the most of your creative side resulting in reduction and ultimately demise of the unproductive version of you occurring into the world.

The reason you are reading this blog post is that you want to come under the cult of top 5% of super-performers who use their life as a message to amplify what creativity and reality and awesomeness and growth are all about. They are not about making others happy (though it ensues as a by-product), rather they are all about being real.

Thomas Alva Edison was dedicated and committed to invent an electric bulb, the failures of the past and the critiques of the naysayers did not make his passion go awry even by a bit.

Steve Jobs was dedicated to make a touch phone without a stylus, that could be operated with fingers. What was going in the industry and amongst the competitors was not at all relevant for him to create a roadblock in the way of changing the world.

Taylor Swift is a real super star because she speaks out what made her feel blissful and also what she did not find real around her.

Gandhi was a stunning example of using the tools of truth and non-violence – not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. He understood that what is within is real and that only manifests itself into its physical equivalent.

History is studded with classic examples of people who went against the tide and glorified what their intuition told them to be real. So let’s be real and get into some of the steps that we can implement in our daily lives to make reality a reality 😉

  1. Respect the divinity in every human being. As you confront any human being who is not aware of themselves, remember that each one has their own turn-ons and turn-offs. Your job in this world is to focus on the best in everyone, forget what irks you; and resultantly make your own perspective clearer and more vivid.
  2. Maya Angelou said it beautifully that people do not remember what you said or what you did, they only remember how you made them feel. A real human being does not forget the sight of the goal even when she is lost in the thickest forest. We are in people business, man! The greatest service to the world is to put people above things and of course, money.
  3. Have the courage to shout out your dreams. They are blessed with 100X potential to fruition when they become public. Because now you own them. There is no looking back. Forward is the only momentum.
  4. Reality sometimes involves being silent. Quite often, a person talking too much is found to be getting no or little work done. Sit quietly and create and produce your art. Results speak louder to the deaf ears.
  5. You are a product of the people who surround you. Many real people have faced the difficulty in declining the company of naysayers and takers, in order to focus on their mission. However, once they took those steps, they realized these steps of focusing on their associations saved their lives.
  6. Ironical to the previous point, a real human being is focused on impacting as many people as possible. He believes in real connections, making time to meet people in person and has motive of helping her prospects out. In this world of increasing digital friends and reducing human connections, those who use smartphones smartly are only going to thrive.
  7. Give love and acceptance to your loved ones. Focus on the things that are great about them. Sit and ponder over the things that make you feel happy. What you focus on, expands and becomes a part of reality. I recently saw a girl criticizing her fiancé for not receiving the call, for he calling her up while she was travelling which in turn resulted in a heftier bill for her (Can you believe it???) and also making fun of the put offs of her would-be husband with her would-be mother in law. Why am I saying that she has this habit of criticizing her fiancé? Because she does that with all the coworkers and the supervisors, except for her best friend, who is also a critic like her. Let us remember that what we give to people is a direct reflection of what we give to ourselves. Go on the path of treading towards more reality and less criticism, will give you a compounded interest of lifelong happiness and peace. (Try this out if you still do not believe it!)


As stated in the beginning of this blog post, we all have a version of the most beautiful selves within ourselves. In order to witness it on a daily basis, we need to have the correct lens. Going towards the west in order to witness the sunrise will land you in despair, no matter how determined you are.

Similarly, being real and authentic are the only ways you can be the real you. There is hope, yes, there is success and there only lies real happiness. The world will fall at your feet when you come down to your feet.

Some spiritual traditions also remark that the sculptors that are worshipped today were the souls, which still exist amongst you and me bearing a different body, as they transcended through different life forms. That may be you and me. Requirement is, to chip away the unnecessary stone and have a grand vision that is bigger and bolder than you: so that we all are amazed by the real divinity and magnificence that is finally sculpted out of you.

Hope this blog post connected you to your reality. Leave your comments about what changes you are going to make today in order to inject more reality into your lives.Tomorrow never comes sweethearts. What is now is today and right now to take that one action, that could change your life for the better. And as speaking out publically is the stepping stone to reality, make your awesomeness a part of your reality. 🙂