For fabulous people: Will you show up??

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of The Awesomeness Blog a.k.a. TAB.

We all are meant to be awesome. However, the sand and the mists of the world often force us to think otherwise. When people who are already carrying a burden in their heads come to you to make them feel great, it is their issue and they need to resolve it themselves. Yes, you have a responsibility. But that responsibility is to be happy first. What you have, is what you give. Rather, what you have, is what you take, and that is what you give.

Yes, welcome to this new world of Take and Give. Our existence in this world has given us enough impetus on the formula of Give and Take. Admittedly, Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” is one of the greatest books that have changed my life for the better. However, there is another spectrum of life wherein Take and Give works more than we could have ever dared to imagine. That spectrum is your emotions.

You are not your emotions, you are the awareness that is feeling those emotions. (Read it again, please. It is here only that the dreaded souls of the world call other patient people as psychos.) This awareness is the one that has the power to bring into physical manifestation whatever it desires. For that physical manifestation of all desires, it is very important to keep that awareness away from self-doubt and worries of the world that ultimately end up with nothing. It is as simple as your body. In order to have a strong, sexy and toned body, you need to feed your body with healthy foods containing all the essential nutrients, and also you need to keep it away from harmful and toxic elements that have a detrimental effect on your body.

This is where the principle of Take and Give comes in action. What you take in for your body, is what your body gives you in return. Similarly, what you take in for your emotions, for feeding that awareness that is the field of all possibilities, is what that awareness will perform actions for you.  You take in good emotions of writing your blog, jotting down your quarterly, half yearly and annual goals and taking small, yet daily action on them; you decide to rise above the daily tantrums of everyday life that the complaining herd is carrying on their shoulders.

Yes, you have to take in fabulousness in order for your life to return spectacularity. As all thoughts are generous and kind when acted upon, so please take the aid of the following tools that I suggest with deep love for the wonderful readers (readers are leaders!!!):

  1. Draw excessively tight deadlines for your tasks to be accomplished. Use the balance time to grow your craft while the world is complaining about their neighbor’s dog.
  2. Learn the power to delegate. Even when you think that you are the best for a mundane task, teach it to someone. Focus on your focus. All the great organisations do that. The CEO does not come for hiring the middle level managers. She trusts her staff to do it and, thus, peacefully makes the key strategic decisions.
  3. Do at least one thing every day that you are frightened to do. Fear is just a mental monster. What others think is supposed to be monitored by them. What you are supposed to do is the thing that you’d love to do but have fallen prey to fear and excusitis. Go get your butt off the couch and make all of us witness the real diamond within you.
  4. Lastly, do what you love. This is the foundation to all the happiness in the Universe. Even if you are stuck somewhere in a job that you hate, please, please, and by all means, please carve out time in the mornings, evenings and weekends to grow your art. Life is waiting for you to show up.

Will you show up? The world needs your beautiful work and the resultant enthusiasm in your life on pursuing it. You are specially crafted to do a particular craft that no one, no one else could ever do. I ask again, will you show up??