Make mental priorities your execution priorities

We all have dreams, we all set huge goals, and few of us achieve them as well. Why do many people dream and only a few of them end up in their lap, and then set a different set of goals and also achieve them, only to be happier and more fulfilled. Are these people any different than you and me? Not at all. Then why do these people who began with almost nothing, succeed in all areas of life?

Because these people have high levels of execution intelligence. They do not focus on what others are doing because it is a wonderful source of distraction and personal imprisonment. These people focus on what is most important to them, and then take daily, consistent, however big or small actions, to bring them to reality. Having the ownership of their dream, these wise, consistent, and brave people cannot even think of murdering their dreamy kids by not taking positive, fruitful action towards them.

Yes, we all face challenging situations in life. However, how we face these challenging situations are the barometer that define us. This capacity to face a difficult situation as and when it arises, is not giftwrapped and delivered along with the situation. It is developed, step by step, by working on your inner game, by carefully analyzing the wise souls and the actions that they take, by letting go of the sand of the past still clenched in your fists, and by remembering that “faith can move mountains”, you just have to possess it, set the intention and let goo.

Which brings me to another question: How many of us set a faith-filled intention for a productive, creative day every morning? You absolutely cannot let your beautiful life in the hands of other people who are not aware of their own intentions. And here your author takes the wonderful opportunity of stepping in, and helping you out, in some suggestions in setting intentions and making them a reality.

This piece is a bit different from others. Just as a building is composed of bricks, cement, stones, etc., but at the base is iron, and it never strikes upon looking at the brick that its foundation has been laid out by iron. So here are today’s (behind the scenes, i.e., iron) takeaways for setting intentions and manifesting them (Yo all you cool dudes, it is possible ☺)

  1. Simplicity is the root cause of happiness. Wealth (financial, material, physical, emotional) is possessed and enjoyed by the souls who have simplicity at the peak of their souls.
  2. Be the giver of infinity. The secret to happy living is giving. The richest of the awesomest organisations and human beings give away a tenth of their income for philanthropy. What you give away, comes back to you in a river. Check this out! It superworks!!
  3. Have clarity of your self-image. You rise or fall to the level of the image of yourself that you hold in your mind. The best news is: you can change it anytime. The more special news is: you have to remind yourself of your self-image every single day, or else the “technicalities” of the world will catch you in their toes.
  4. Lastly, remember that you always have an access to the power that is more powerful than all of us could collectively imagine. You can talk to this power as and when you like. Simply be present, and start talking or asking questions. The responses will appear to you so beautifully and masterfully, that you can hardly ever let go of it.

At the end, I would like to conclude with this point: please live this moment by setting intention for it and letting it go. You are the most important creature of the Universe. When you operate from that frame of mind, love blooms in all aspects, goes away the gloom, and all doors wide and open for transcendence of mental priorities to execution priorities!! ☺