You are the world changer

Do you know, that before you start talking to a person, you have given them a glimpse of your personality, just by being there, through your vibes? Do you know that we all affect the emotions and thoughts of physically everyone around us, even though they or we are not aware? Stunningly, do you know that one person on this planet is separated with another person through 6 degrees of separation? This means that you and your favorite celebrity who initially appeared to be inaccessible, is accessible to you through 6 middle connections. Those 6 connections, though, need to be the right ones. Why am I telling you this? Because, as you read this information and study it and analyze it, you get to know that the people who are revered and fantasized and respected and idolized are not any distinct or separate from you.

They are the people next door, who did different things.

They are the people appearing like you and I, who had the temptation to say no to a midnight chit-chat post dinner, and went back to work, making it better, despite it reaching great heights.

They were the people who were up earlier than the dawn, so as to bless the world with their craft.

These are the crazy ones, as an Apple Commercial said, because they know that through their presence and their work, they have an opportunity to change the world.

Want to emphasize this fact again: you matter just because you were born. You are reading this blog just because you are the world changer. Yes, we all face our own sets of insecurities and challenges. Well, what is a world without them? We value only those things which we earn with rigorous efforts. There is no growth involved in achieving all your desires the moment you think of them. We all are here to evolve into the most fabulous part of ourselves despite the storms that life brings at us, despite the fact that people criticize you or ignore you (because they are envious) because you are challenging the status quo.

Never ever did a conformist change the world. Those who had the authenticity to convert their inner spark of truth into fire of reform were the ones who were ultimately fulfilled and happy from within, and successful and revered in the eyes of everyone else.

Today we are going to focus on the reasons why you should do what your heart tells you for changing the society or the world for the better; or why you should persevere in your quest for excellence irrespective of what the situations are today:

  1. Because the world exists because you exist. We all are waiting for the amazing art to be presented by you so that we all can be uplifted through your example. Will you show up? For your heart’s content? For the world’s awesomeness?
  2. Because the Great Grand Plan for everyone says that we all will land up having the very thing we perceived of. Perspective makes a one-handed shooter into an only-handed best in world shooter. Perspective turns a good for nothing employee into one of the top performers.

Everyone is having the night and the day in their lives. What we choose to focus on, expands, and becomes our destiny.

  1. Because no ordinary human being dedicated to complaining would ever read a self-development blog to the very end. You are here, because you are addicted to education and growth. You are here, because you want to make an impact on the body of work you touch. You are here, because you know, that no matter how successful you are, always being a beginner is the only consistent key to success.

Before bidding adieu for today, let us remember that true power cannot be taken away from you nor can it be destroyed. It is your inherent resource, requirement is to be aware of it. Whenever you feel uneasy, requirement is to remember, that it is your responsibility to uplift all of us, and we all look at you in reverence, for changing the world for the better.