When you don’t feel like doing it

Today’s TAB, i.e. The Awesomeness Blog is going to take you to the place we all want to be and also do not feel like taking the ride.

When was it the last time you did something for the first time? The great higher wire walker Papa Wallenda once said: Life is lived out on a wire. The rest is just waiting. Our brain is accustomed to do the things it has been doing since years. Because the brain is not your age. It is over a billion years old and finds pleasure in doing the “easy stuff” because it does not have to stress itself out. However, when you do something difficult, your brain faces a tough exercise; and as tough physical exercises build your body muscles, tough exercises for brain, accustom it to do the stuff that is enriching and not easy.

Do we really need to do the things and crafts that are difficult? Yes we do.

Because we do not want to be stuck where we are, and we need to be constantly pushing the ball forward.

Because we come alive when we accomplish a difficult task that was initially not possible with the existing set of skills and knowledge.

Because we need to experience the fact that age, place of birth, grade schooling, et al are the factors that can be overcome once we are committed to the school of lifelong learning and growth.

Life has its own seasons as the legendary Jim Rohn said. We ought to be working on our craft because it is the craft we and only we are meant to do in the best in world manner. No one feels like all the bells ringing, people playing trumpets in their fervor and The Artist going on a velvet rug to create. Most of us do not feel like doing the very things that we are supposed to do, that will take us out of the misery and land us into the manifestation of our dreams. It happens. I have been working out with progressive overload system for years, still today morning I had the thought of taking an extra hour’s sleep instead of hitting the gym. Gratitude to education, I was aware of the physiological and psychological benefits of working out; so I donned my sports gear and made the way to the gym. Muhammad Ali also said that you are going to hate every part of the training. Robin Sharma said it so well: “If it is not hard, it is not change.”

The good news is, once you keep doing a difficult thing for a period of time, i.e. 2 months, then it becomes easier to do the difficult thing because it has become a part of you, it has become your subconscious action instead of conscious decision making. The willpower you used initially to grow those muscles is now free, and now you can use the same will to create new habits and rituals for yourself? Isn’t it stunning? Yes it is. Then why do most of the people do not do that? Because they have fallen into the disease of excusitis; and they have practiced it for so long that now it has become a part of their being.

We do not need to stop a negative habit, it will make us focus on the habit we are trying to eliminate. We only need to replace the old habit with new patterns or habits and slowly and gradually, the old ones will fade away.

Why are we talking of all this? Because awareness precedes change. Once we become aware that the resistance from the reptilian brain that we all face is common to all legendary performers, we just have to rise above what is common and have the authenticity and commitment to undertake the uncommon, that’s when our lives take a u-turn.

Thus, all you TAB readers, please consider the following reasons why you should continue on the mission of your life, irrespective of what cynical voices, within and without, say to you:

  1. Because life is a forward momentum. The irony is if you are not moving forward, you are stuck and captivated by your past. Open yourself up to the new possibilities in happiness, that will arise once you rise above the couch that is holding you back.
  2. Because when the world says you cannot do something, they are letting their fears out to you of not accomplishing anything great in their lives. Ever seen a super-achiever criticize anyone for not being able to accomplish something? It just cannot be possible. You are just one choice away from your mission, of choosing to be in the company of possibilitarians and world-class achievers.
  3. Because the mission of your life is the source of oxygen defined by you. When you find your happiness, the world has no choice but to be affected by it. An unfulfilled life is a life lived to please others. Happy life (whose by-products is success), is a life filled with passion, exuberance and grit (yes, falling down and getting back up) and wondrous levels of self-confidence.

Savor is in the climb my friend, be happy and persistent enough to taste it awesomely.

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