Is choice always available?

Morning alarm: choice – wake up and be grateful for the day or check notifications and hamper your creativity

Going to the office: choice – with the passion to change the world or to join the water-cooler gang

At home: choice – either to be fully present and enjoying for your family or to download the grudges of the world to your loved ones

We all have a choice. Every time. Even when the things are going against us and the normal person would go into a deep pit, an extraordinary human being carves out moments to be joyful and be present.

The future belongs to those who are alive in the beauty of the now. Beauty in the chirping birds, wonderfully constructed highway and even the dedication of service staff in our office. Yes there are going to be awesomely challenging moments, and they must, because the darkest of the moments reveal to us our greatest lights.

The fact is that no amount of motivation or pushing will work in your favor unless you make the decision to take a forward momentum in your life. You just have to make a choice to move forward or to remain stuck, complaining about what is happening right now.

So why are we talking so much about making a choice? Because a choice requires willpower; and using the finite supply of willpower to make great choices is what makes an Edison different from a wannabe scientist, or a Zuckerberg different from the “also coded”. Are all super-achievers the same or are they simply great choice makers? No, they are not at all same, they simply make wondrous choices that land them in what we call their dream destination. The real source of reaching that destination is, having a pre-determined choice to work upon their art, and leaving no room for the willpower to intervene and affect that choice.

Do you know that life is a continuum of choices? One great spiritual figure, Dadi Janki was once asked by a journalist, that how she maintained the energy and vigor like an adolescent at the completion of a century in her life? Her reply was: “Because I do not waste my energy.” Every morning we wake up with a full glass of water. We just have to remember that the water does not get spilled over at the distractions of the world. Yes, all that we are looking for is within us only, are we focused on self development to this extent that we blind ourselves from the pessimisms of the world.

Each one of us has a choice to visualize our future self in the now, and then act in the moment. Life will manifest its prestigious and honorable gifts to all of us, once we make ourselves resonated with those gifts.

Today’s strategies, do not talk about “doing” the actions. These talk about the emotional and behavioral aspects of our personality, that can be altered and modified with a little bit of presence:

  1. Have fun with life. Savor singing the songs with your friends on the long drive. Savor the delicious ice-cream with the joy-enriched kids. You will regret not plunging in those moments.
  2. Treat every human being with regard. Even though they are behaving in a manner that is not pleasant, you have the humanity to be in your aura, and not someone else’s harmful aura affect your life. “Be kind to everyone, because everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle,” said the wise Buddha.
  3. No matter where you are in your life, you always have some things in your life to be grateful for. Count your blessings, and you will have more of them, and vice versa. Focusing to focus is a skill, that can be developed with practice, and yes, choice. Gratitude brings plentitude. Only when you are contended with what you have, you will be able to enjoy the mountain peak of what you want. Otherwise, it is always going to be a journey from peak to peak burning yourself out, physically and emotionally, which I do not want for yourself. Do you?

If you believe in your capacity to achieve anything, nature will correspond to the tune of your song and make you come more alive, every single day. Are you ready to make the choice, if yes, what is that choice? Please share it in the comments below, and share the blog post with a friend or anyone whom you know will be benefitted by it.

Keep rocking, and keep getting bolder.

Wondrous gratitude,

Nishtha Gehija