Why do some chosen ones always succeed?

Focus: a lot of people do succeed and a lot of people do not succeed because of the differences in their approaches towards life. Most of the happy successful people were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They became successful because they chose to focus their attention on a goal and work super-awesomely wonderfully to achieve that goal.

Today I watched a Masterclass from John Assaraf wherein one viewer asked a question most of us are seeking answer to: “What is the fastest and the most efficient way to get from where I am right now to where I want to be?” The legendary, common and hardly executed answer that came from John was to have a clear blueprint of your goal in your mind, and then follow the steps from someone who has already done what you want to do.


You have to have a blueprint. But what would happen when someone at work does something unpleasant? This is where your blueprint comes into action. If at the beginning of the day, you set a blueprint of a calm and easy person, then when such deviating personalities enter into your life, you naturally tend to focus on what is important to you and do not waste your energy on the unimportant issues.

In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about how to set a blueprint for yourself, which will be followed by habits and rituals of the achievers with “Champion Mindset” and what actions you can take to make those rituals your rituals.

Please think over the following questions on paper while setting your blueprint:

  1. What do I want to achieve in my life? It should include all areas, ie, physical, mental (career goals included here), emotional and social (relationships).

It is more important than you think to have clarity of goals, because unless you know where are you going, you will keep driving on the ring road with everyone taking a lift in your car and making you feel even worse about not having your destination.

  1. The next question to ask is: Who can I model? There are champions in every industry who have mastered their crafts. Plan the steps that they took in their lives and inculcate them into your habits and routines.
  2. Thirdly, and most importantly, always remind yourself about how you are going to serve the world through achievement of your goals. Life is and was never about hoarding. More money and success means more service to the world. Richest people are so because they are philanthropists, not that they are philanthropists because they are rich. Please stop for a moment to reflect on that statement.

Lastly, for your blueprint to get real, remember that one who loves their work and performs it with utter devotion is an artist. Today after my car went for service, I was escorted by a rickshaw-puller to my home. He was such a confident and humble person that could blow away all your miseries. That man is a legend. Because he was performing his art like the best in his industry, which makes magic come alive through him. Isn’t it?

See you in the next blog post continued forward from here.

In order to get more connected, please share how does your blueprint look like, in the comments below, and share the blog post with a friend or anyone whom you know will be benefitted by it.

Keep rocking, and keep getting bolder.

Wondrous joy J

Nishtha Gehija