“You” gets closer to yourself

TAB today is all about bringing you closer to you. As discussed yesterday, we all were supposed to talk about the actionables to make our mental blueprint a reality. Before that, let me remind you, that you come alive through your mission of life. “Until you have something to die for, you are not fit to live”, came the phenomenal words from Martin Luther King Jr. Too often the above average people set goals for themselves, however, they get caught in the cobwebs of the naysayers that they lose sight of their destination. What I know clearly, is that you are different, because you are utterly committed to educating yourself to making yourself better, despite your current levels of excellence, and that is what makes you a hero. You are the CEO of awesomeness, so keeping your eyes still on your blueprint is not a choice that you make, rather it is the only way that you have, and I salute you for that.

So, coming back to our blueprint, we rise only to the extent we think ourselves to be capable of. If you think that people are going to adore you or stay away from you, in both cases, you will achieve the exact outcomes you desired of. If you think you can manage a large team of talented individuals or you think that people are always conspiring against you, being envious of your position; in either case, you are going to achieve what you thought of.

This is the magic of blueprint. What gets out on the canvas is because of what is being used as the raw material in the form of colors at the back of the mind.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes it is. Yes, some will say that you have tried this before however, it didn’t work out. Well, how much time do you give to a baby to learn to walk, after which you say: “No more trying. Sit back!”? Well, we never relent, and there is no doubt why everyone walks. So why relent in our own lives for the achievement of our dreams? We must not and we are not supposed to.

Here is my take to make you relentless and to keep taking action, no matter what the tides are bringing on:

  1. Always set an intention for your tasks. When you know what role you are going to play, game becomes all the more fun to play. This happens in all the games: batsmen in cricket, goal-keepers in football, and even cleaners in a Fortune 500 company: are blessed to do their job because they know their intentions.
  2. Do more than what you are paid to do. Not because you should be a giver. Not because you want to look good in everyone else’s view. Do it because you are priceless, and your services done with such great love are not to be traded for a price tag. Right?
  3. Have a daily analysis of your life every night (not more than 5 minutes) and visualizing your next day (at least more than 10 minutes). The time just before we go to sleep and immediately after we rise in the morning, are the most powerful times of the day. The mind has not yet got into its “judge” mode and can be trained to believe whatever is planted into it. Use this precious time to create the life of your marvel, and the rest of the day will be less effort and greater ease and productivity.

Yes is the way to life. In order to get to any place you are not currently at, you need to reach that place in your mind first. Not only in your morning meditation. Not only in the evening analysis and visualization. Whole day. Always. Your mind obeys every command you input into its operating system. Do you trust your mind to trust the unfolding process?

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Awesomeness and bliss ~~

Thank you with deep adoration

Nishtha Gehija