If Kobe Bryant needs it, why not we

The legendary basketball played Kobe Bryant recently played the last match of his career. Did he play anything below the standard that was expected out of him? No, he played the last match of his life with the same zeal and enthusiasm to achieve, like a beginner does. Would playing in any lesser way could take away his accolades and fame? Neither. That is why he is Kobe. He doesn’t know anyhow how to deliver lower than the standards he set for himself (and not those of society or family or critics) and he knows that he is accountable to the person who looks at himself in the mirror every single day.

Why are we discussing Kobe over here despite the fact that most of the readers do not have any relationship with him whatsoever? We are talking of him because inspiration does not come to the door of the gifted-cum-talented artists telling them that now is the time their fortune will be created. With due respect, this legend had the mind and the body just like any other human being, with the only difference being that he set impeccably high standards to achieve them, and he conditioned his body and mind to do whatever it takes, to match those standards.

A legend is made the legend because of the practices they follow as a part of their daily routines and rituals. They also do not like the pain and the disciplines of their rituals, but they understand that the price of regret is more than the price of discipline. The superstars are aware that a diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well. How many of us go to a downward spiral once we face a piece of dejection? It is not wrong to feel low when things are going awry. It is rather very necessary to feel the pain so that you get out of it even stronger. When you have felt the pain, it is the time to roll up your sleeves and get in excellence mode. You do it consistently, and soon you emerge as a winner – before you even know it!

There is also a spectrum above the legends which makes them special. That’s where Kobe comes into picture. He did not care about that the future respect after his match would anyways belong to him only, he simply chose to focus on the Now and reflect what is always reflected through his game: super-performance. Even though it was the last match of his career, he did not check his cellphone notifications. How many of us are so utterly focused on the daily matches of our lives? Are we taking control of our lives or letting that girl or guy have fun with our emotions? If not so far, now is the time to reflect on what is going on in your life and how you can be disciplined in your approach towards this magnificence called life.

There are no specially crafted human beings on the planet, as I keep on repeating it because repetition creates a neural pathway in your brain, thereby making you believe what is being created. Does that mean we may reach the Kobe-yance levels in our lives and even exceed the initial expectations of ourselves? Yes we can. And here’s how you can do it:

  1. Do the difficult thing, that you hate, but you know will take you to the next grandness. Go for it. The fact of the matter is that your mind will lay down all the traps for you to return to the original state of beginning. Do not listen to that chatter. Listen to the heart that wants to open up to the world and share its magnificence.
  2. Choose to rise above the behavioral patterns of people around you. People are accustomed to criticize every single human being who leaves the herd and has the audacity to roar. Even when you are alone, remember that the lion is the king, and you have to be bold to become the king or queen of your life, regardless of the mood swings of the mundane moods.
  3. Most importantly, always remember that humility and honor are the only ways of life. Even when you know that the other person has committed a wrong, do you have the humanity to still rise as a human being and shower some love in the conversation? Yes, you do. Acts are wrong and never people. When we develop this ability to distinguish the act from the actor, we end up living a more peaceful life, because at core, all human beings emerge from nowhere but awesome possibility and wondrous cheer.

The only way to rise to legendary is to remember that all humanly ways are the legendary ways. When we discover that the spark is within ourselves, it can be very well lit up and set an example for generations to follow.

Do share your views on bringing the change, and share the blog with a friend who you know will be benefited by it.

Happy weekend and week ahead!

Nishtha Gehija