Here’s what The Lion means like ~~

We all are the ambassadors of greatness and self-respect. The world tells us to be respecting everyone else, in order to fit in, in order to be a part of the herd, in order to make us gather the approval of the world which we soon realize didn’t matter at all. Does your heart tell you to do so? No, it doesn’t. Our greatest times of fulfillment are the ones wherein we ripped apart the boundaries of what the brain thought, and marched valiantly into following our heart’s calling.

Doing so is not difficult or easy. It simply is the right thing. We are supposed to do what that gut feeling yearns to do and not to ever think about what that monkey mind starts within a second of our intuition. Think about this. Often the first thing that strikes you is the right thing. Then comes the voice of the social conditioning that tells us to follow the masses. “If you will follow the masses, you will end up at the exit gate,” said Robin Sharma.

Most of the things “normal” human beings give attention to, do not matter at all. If you are a lover of vacations (and we all must be), just plan out yours and enjoy with all your heart and fervor. It does not matter in the least that your colleague went to a nearby holiday spot last weekend without informing you. How many times do the chatter of the monkey mind takes us over if we are not aware? Hundreds of times in a day. If we are not paying attention to where our mind is going for a vacation, and paying attention to where others are going for their vacations, isn’t it the time to rejig your priorities and set them straight? Yes it is. This is what yu are looking for. This is what I am here to help you out with.

What we all do, here at TAB, i.e., The Awesomeness Blog, for 6 days of the week, is to remember that you are the captain of your ship. You are the lion, which has his head high up, not the sheep, which walks in surrender to his master. We are more that we have ever imagined ourselves to be.

The thing is: we will reach our unimagined higher levels once we accept and acknowledge ourselves for where we are today. Is it difficult? No, it is the only way.

Why is it so necessary to accept ourselves where we are today and become the lions of our lives? Because it is your life. You do not have to hurt anyone anyway, although you have to be of responsibility and service to the humanity; but how are you going to do that if you do not take your own responsibility for happiness and growth?

We human beings are immensely capable of doing what we think we are capable of doing. Once you know that being the lion with the head high up in adoration and bliss, then you are going to face the pragmatic changes that will be stunningly awesome.

Also, please remember that the lion we are talking about here is not in the literal sense of diluting all the weaklings around us. Lion means we are eating up our fears on a consistent basis, as and when they arise, because our true nature is of champion and overcoming our demons through fighting them and standing for what’s right.

So how to ignite the lion within you? These are some of the tactics and actions you can apply to remember, that you are The Lion of your life and your life will work according to the directions of its King/Queen:

  1. Settle for nothing less than your own standards. Majority agree to what is right for the world around them. In so doing, they look downwards like a sheep. Remember, only when you surrender yourself to let someone else be the master, you end up letting your crown down. It never gets off from someone whose head is held up high.
  2. When to persist is impossible, deliver your best work. It is like people leave their dreams and passions to the mercy of inspiration and moods, and work slogging for anyone whom they desire approval of. Rather, being relentless to your craft and saying no just to have approval or liking from someone is the mindset of the lion.
  3. Your mind brings into physical reality what it is seeing and imagining. Initially by the ancient wisdom and now by the scientific researches, it has been proven that whatever thought is fed to the mind with repetition, more thoughts of the kind are created. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the machinery that is used to create everything that is being seen. This is the reason visualization and imagination are super-powerful tools. Visualize yourself being the lion of whatever game of life that has the fortune of having you as the player, and roar over it through the art that you create and the value you deliver, anything else is not worth you.

Wrapping up, let us remember that the ones who criticize your bravery are the ones who themselves lack bravery and are always looking for some more people to populate their gang. Let us create our own army, an army of lions, who are valiant enough to fight for love, mastery, courage, going beyond, and excellence; that transcend the notions of limitations and create wondrous abundance, in all areas of life, for ourselves, and for the world, because we all need it.