The Feel Good ~~ means Really!!

We all want to feel good. It is our basic human need. For that we need to feed great into ourselves: both the eatable food and the mind food. As we all are the output of what is inputted in, we need to take this matter closely.

The body we have is the product of not only we eat, also of what we think, feel and constantly ponder about. Strength and agility is the result of great food and also saying no to health-destroying foods. We all know this, yet only the ones who practice this discipline on a regular basis are the ones who actually get nurtured from adopting this practice.

We also know that we got into our business or our jobs based on the education we had acquired. It, then, becomes all the more important to take care of our mental diet. As we all are maturing towards a generation of excellence, we all know that education continues till the time we die. The entire pursuit is to make things better and more novel. The entire reason for existence is to feel good and great and phenomenal about ourselves so that we end up implanting only gorgeousness in our lives and lives of everyone around us. The entire gamut of life is to take care of the garden that is blooming within ourselves, and also to take daily actions to nurture the plants and blow away the weeds. The entire “because” is happiness and thus, to take the actions that bring forth happiness.

Life wants all of us to grow and rise above the current standards. If we can think of it, we can achieve it. Every self-help book talks of this. Then why are we discussing this right now? Because repetition is the only way to abundance – of wealth, knowledge and happiness. We become what we consistently practice.

Do we really have to feel good even when things are really going awry? This situation can be divided into two parts:

Part # 1: When situation is relating to people

When our situation concerns people around us, and somewhere they are involved in making us feel down (remember, a leader has very little of these situations), we need to communicate with them in a matter that could resolve the dispute for all of us. Mourn, cry, go deep into your emotions and feel them. Then, wake up the shining star within yourself and take charge to make the things go better. You are the captain of your ship, always remember that.

Part # 2: When we are confronted by a situation that is not concerned with people.

Quick time, roll up your sleeves. Do not give yourself more than 100 seconds to feel low, come back in the moment, give gratitude for all that you are gifted with, and then move forward with positive frame of mind and positive action. Your life is a gift. Materialistic world can never conquer the unbeatable relentless power of the human soul.

You see, so simple is the recipe to feel good. The fact of the matter is, to go deep into yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are the situations that put me down?
  2. What habit or behavior can I cultivate in order to nurture a positive response from myself that is in alignment with me feeling better, even just a little more, every single time?

After that, whenever heartbreak tries to get in, march into it by shutting it out within 100 seconds. Let life know that you are the lion welcoming all its fervor and fun!

So what are you going to do today for feeling great? Write down in the comments below and share the blog post with a friend whom you know needs it…