The creation of culture

Hello and welcome back to The Awesomeness Blog (or TAB as we call it). Today’s blog is all about how we can bring about fulfillment and awesomeness in our work culture.

Steve Jobs said it so brilliantly well: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life…the only way to be fully satisfied is to do great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

These words of Steve Jobs have provided me an inspiration and the reason to get off the couch and go change the world through birthing beautiful work in the world that I am privileged to live in.

However, all too often most of the people find themselves stuck into their current circumstances and feel they cannot get out of the rut of the downward loop. The good news, accidentally, is that when we face difficult situations in our life, only then we grow the most. The storms are the blessings in disguise. You see, the lessons of life will come to you because life wants you to grow. You can learn the lessons of life in any of the following two options:

  • Make mistakes, mourn, make even more mistakes of the same kind, until you finally realize that life is trying to teach you a lesson – so that you take it, and move forward which then becomes a blessing
  • Read the book or listen to a podcast or an audiobook or read a great blog or have lunch with game-changers, because then you integrate the learnings of these wise people into yourself which not only saves you from suffering, and also makes you more prepared and shielded to face the world with your fearlessness and awesomeness (One who sweats more in war bleeds less in war)

Why are we talking about lessons of life in awesomizing our workspace? Because our workspace is a place to express ourselves in the fullest. Our greatest lessons of life come in the fullest expression of our creativity, and so we need to know the best and most effective methods of learning and growing and making ourselves great.

The fact is, wherever we are, we are always learning, either we know it or not. We may be consciously grasping new ways of producing and creating, which is what all leaders do, or we might be unconsciously adopting the habits and rituals of complainers and takers. Our minds are hardwired to grow. The question to think is: what are we providing and inputting in our office environment. Because what we give away, comes back to us in a river.

So let us go deep into the following tactics that make you a superstar at work, and also make you more fulfilled than ever. (Because we all know, money is just a means to make you more of yourself: small money waster to big money waster, and also small philanthropist to a bigger one. It does not change you in any way. It makes you more of yourself.)

  1. Love your work as you love your kids (or if you do not have kids, love your work like the best and cutest kid whom you love): What we are creating is an art, irrespective of the task we are handling. In order for that art to grow, we need to nurture it and plant the seeds of awesomeness in the best way in every single way.


  1. Remember, that you influence the world more than you think. So, please smile at people in the corridors, gracefully and happily, and enjoy yourself at every moment. Life was never ever meant to be miserable, even in the deepest of challenges, a good human being figures out ways to be grateful and keep moving forward.


  1. Be the master of your craft. “Know more about your craft than anyone who has ever done your craft”, says Robin Sharma. Yes, it is going to take time and patience and perseverance and superawesome practice. And this is what we all are looking for, right? The time is going to pass away anyway. Why not make the best of that time and the best of ourselves? All awesome people like you do that.

With that, let’s wind up today’s blog by knowing that at we may be any point of time in our workplace: happily high times or challenging situations: we are the ones who create the world. Let us be more loving, kind and genius in the formation of a wonderful environment, wherever we go.

Please share the changes you are making today, in the comments below, and share the blog with a friend whom you know will be super-charged by it.

Till tomorrow,

Take awesome care