When no one is watching ~~

What do we all tend to do when no one is watching over us? This is a question we need to ask ourselves.

A lot of people migrate towards having fun, coasting through their work, joining the water cooler gang, criticising the traffic, or every other thing that is not important.

Don’t you think we should be most productive and dedicated when no one is watching us? Yes we should be, but for what reason?

Because when no one is watching us, we are. Yes, you are the greatest eye-witness of your work.

Because we are not doing any damn task in the world in order to prove anyone. We are working for ourselves, because we want to, says one of my ideals VRS.

What you do in private is what is reflected out in the public. What you practise when no one is watching you is what your results will reflect when everyone is watching you.

But why are we talking about this today?

We are talking about this, because pertaining to the variety of jobs we have, most of us are travelling at some times. These are the times when our boss is not with us. The reality of the matter is our boss is always with us, not in the way we think. Our boss is always with is because….

We are the CEOs of our respective jobs. No matter what we do, we are always in charge of what we do and what we deliver to the world.

So as CEOs of our jobs and of course our lives, let us remember the following aspects while we perform the work when no one is watching us:

  1. We are a role model for our kids. They are the smartest observers on the planet earth. Your innate characteristics will not only be observed by them, they will also be absorbed and duplicated by them. Always keep on making yourself better. That is the antidote to all the awesomeness in life.
  2. If you’re running away from work when your boss is not around, remember that a team is successful because of the members in it. Every single foundation in the laying of the tallest buildings on the planet are equally vital and important.
  3. Life is always Newton’s Law of action and equal and opposite reaction. What you give to life will always be returned back to you. Being affected by cancer or robbed by the local electronic device vendor, you receive the exact order that you place through your thoughts, emotions, words and actions. So what have we ordered today?

You see, even when someone has wronged us in any way, let us remember that every human being is a work in progress, let us decide to lighten ourselves up, by choosing to focus on what truly counts.

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