Extraordinary life in a click

We all see people emerging from nowhere suddenly conquering the music industry or app world or professional development field and especially the industry we belong to, and we wonder howcome these nobodies ended up having all the fun and frolic of life.

Well, the fact is everyone reaching a state of heightened fame and fortune in their lives have played their part of overcoming the pains that the herd uses as excuses, and focus more on the development of their “gifts” so that they could be more awesomely available as an example for themselves and the world.

We all have times when our brain gives us all the reasons and remedies to run away from the new and stick to the old patterns. We must, yes not should, we must use this pattern of the brain to direct us to actually do the things that scare us. Discomfort will eventually lead to joy and fulfilment. In order to achieve greater degrees of fulfilment in all areas of our lives, we must be willing to forego what we were yesterday so that our actions align with what we truly stand for.

So, the title of the blog is a myth, not only for you, but for everyone on the planet. What is truth, is that we all have to work smart and hard, so that we end up being the lions of our lives, and not sheep of anyone else.

Well, how could you start with leaning into your fears and destroy the monster? You have to just start, and then keep moving forward. Whilst your journey, remember that…

  1. Most of the people will not accept your changed patterns. Do not disapprove of them. Accept them, as they are, because they have been conditioned to believe so. Your results will be the greatest evidence.
  2. Focus on yourself on the journey to all the achievements. Because when you do something to prove anyone, after the achievement, you feel hollow, for marching in the direction to prove those words wrong that had come out for someone not in a right frame of mind.
  3. Joy and fulfillment are the ultimate rewards of every quest. As you help more people out on the way to shattering their fears, you become the masterpiece of conquering our demons, which in reality, are mere illusions.

So, amidst this weekend, I dare you! Share one fearful thing that you are going to do Today. Not tomorrow, not next week, Today.

And spread this daring habit to all your friends by sharing the link with them.

Much fearlessness,