Only great people ask, rest lie on ego

We are living in a world that wants us to be perfect and courageous all the time. In fact, putting these demands on ourselves instead of the definition of the world is the real way to excellence. Every successful human being understands that.

With this, every successful human being also understands that life is and was never about “me” and is always about “we”. We all know that there is no success and victory if you reach the peak alone. Tony Robbins says it beautifully that success without fulfillment is a hollow victory. Think about it man, what a great sense of accomplishment and purpose do we feel when we help others achieving their goals amidst our summit to achieving our goals. The glory and the happiness being faced by others make us even more available to enjoy our journey and the destination. On the other hand, if we focus only on our goals and victories, we may either not achieve success or even if we do, it is going to be a short-term game with a loss of beautiful relationships and love of our loved ones to glorify

None of us want that situation for ourselves. Instead, what we all want is continuous growth, learning and marching forward whilst helping other people to achieve their goals.

Before moving forward, let me tell you that I am an introvert and love creating my work in solitude. Though when it comes to execution and serving your work on the platter, we all must collaborate with the right kind of people who will give us the right nudge and whom we will give the right nudge to make a leap forward.

So coming back to the situation of marching forward with wondrous relationships, we are the creatures of wonder in all areas of life we step into. We must be grateful for that, in instances of growth, and in instances of facing a deep trench. Life wants us to win, life wants us to be its masters, and life wants us to make others win.

A deep question is: how can we make others win? We all are not mind readers. We can help others when they let us know that they require our help. Similarly, others may not come to know what help do we need from them. In order for others to help ourselves out, we must first help ourselves by seeking their help. Let’s confess it. With one man army, we may not go too far. But when we are surrounded by help and support of those who are experts in their respective fields, we may end up creating a masterpiece.

This is a twist, as the herd or mediocrity thinks. However, this is the only way to propel ourselves forward. In order to grow everyone around us and to grow ourselves, we must check our ego at the doorstep before leaving home and operate from the source of abundance and generating enormous value for everyone.

So is there anything wrong in asking? Well, the quality of the answers depends a lot on the quality of questions you ask. If an author is asking for the help of a literary agent with of course her charges, then there is nothing wrong in asking. If a new entrant is an organization is asking for help of old chaps to teach her the how-to’s of software used, there is nothing wrong in asking. However, if you ask the age or income of anyone for any reason whatsoever, you are deeming a big trouble to you unless the person in front does not feel offended.

Yes, we must always ask for help of people. Every single day. Because we want our deepest self to win over feeding the ego that only wants itself to triumph. It is never easy. It is going to take us efforts to stretch out of the comfort zone.  But isn’t that the whole game about? The whole game is to leave who we were yesterday by shedding the old skin and moving forward and acquiring newer, better skills and tactics. So is asking. Asking intelligently is a skill. Like any other skill, it requires practice; and like any other practice, it may be mastered with consistency and perseverance.

Beginning today, we may begin asking for the help of other people by taking the following steps:

  1. Remember that everyone feels great on being an instrument of service. When we start seeing people from that perspective, we connect to their core, which is always upliftment and growth of the entire humanity.  As people get their chance to express their best self to you remembering that you acknowledge their wondrous deeds, they will pour their heart and soul into helping you out.
  2. Your intentions reach the other person before your words and actions. Thus, operating from a set of clear and pure intentions is super-critical. We may smile on our face and frown in our heads, and the other person unconsciously becomes aware of that. Let our thoughts and words be in alignment and see the magic unfold.
  3. Be specific in your requirements. Do not as for ‘some’ favor or ‘some’ help. Tell the other person, politely and empathetically, what kind of help you are asking for. This kind of clarity not only gives us the mastery of our own tasks, it also gives the other person a sense of greater pride, because we respect their time and have told them the blacks and whites.

Let us remember that we become who we practice being. What are we risking and losing by not doing what we must have done, no matter what?