Not-so-random lessons life randomly teaches

Let us go differently awesome on The Awesomeness Blog today. We all face different situations on our road to excellence. We all also face the same situations differently based on our past actions and present beliefs. This is what makes us all wonderfully unique.

We also know moments of combined growth and happiness, irrespective of the personality. We all have common truths that tie us to this beautiful thread called humanity.

So let us explore the beautiful truths that make all of us more real and close to our reality, free from any boundaries:

  1. You are the richest person on the planet if you are grateful for what you have now. Life gives more blessings to the one who blesses.
  2. Sometimes difficulty is love from the Universe in disguise, trying to test your commitment to none other than yourself.
  3. Your actions speak it all out. Make sure that they are the ones you dream of on your last day.
  4. Ask and you shall get. Make sure you ask intelligently.
  5. Making your kindness and strength the example for the world is the trait of The Hero.
  6. Your expectations are the roadmap to your results. Yes, this means, at anytime, we may decide the consequences before even beginning.
  7. Be vulnerable. We all need the real You. Everything else is a compromise.
  8. Your body is your temple. Feed it like that only.
  9. Everyone has a lesson to teach you.Are we in to learn?
  10. We are defined by what we do in our spare time. So think and write it right now: what do I do in my spare time….

Life is always about growing and loving. What makes you come alive?